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Britt's Basic Bases

Starlet Light

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Icon Bases...

This journal will only be for the posting of lt_sp's icon bases. For those who don't know
what a base is, it is simply a  image that I have cropped and resized to
100x100 from a larger cap. I may fix the image to make them easier for you to use. You
are welcome to save the bases to your own server and customize until they are


All I ask for is:

1) Comment (I like feedback and so I know what to make more bases of)

2) Credit to brittbasicbases or lt_sp 

(even if you customize, just say where you got the base from...whether you post on the actual entry or in a resource list I don't care.)

3) Save to your own server - Hotlinking is evil.

That's it.


My Base Resources




Don't Be So Base

Stylesheet by refuted